Up Close: Enterprise, SMB and Healthcare

When situations have been too complex to be described by voice alone, and require the added detail provided by live video, a variety of industries have relied upon m-View® to be the solution. When the cost of infrastructure, or remoteness of location has been a barrier, or when the timing of a decision has been critical, m-View has resolved the issue.

In fact, a wide variety of enterprises have benefitted greatly from having m-View® on their side, especially when decision-makers and experts have been remotely located. The video streamed and recorded has also been used to form the basis of highly effective knowledge sharing and for the purpose of training.

In the Healthcare industry, m-View® has helped to improve the quality of in-home medical care for patients living in metropolitan and remote areas. By allowing consultations to be conducted virtually, access to expert medical care has been made possible when previously it was impractical, cost prohibitive, or the patient was simply unable to travel to the hospital. Early and better diagnosis has also been made possible, as has the ability to improve the supervision and training of clinicians working in regional Australia.