Up Close: Public Safety

m-View® solutions, including the streaming of live vision from UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), have provided next-gen intel situational awareness that has helped save lives. Having the right information at the right time has enabled fire crews to make vital decisions based on the very latest information provided from the ground and the air. It has also provided crews with the ability to monitor remote areas for the early detection of threats and incidents.

Law enforcement agencies have been able to conduct covert surveillance using our mobile kits and stream live video that can later be used as evidence in court. Operatives in the field have been able to access up-to-the-second intel of sites they were about to raid by viewing live video on their phones over cellular networks. Paramedics have also been able to monitor patient’s conditions while on the way to accidents via the m-View application on their smart phones.

Most importantly, emergency services have been able to share information gathered via m-View® solutions. This has enabled them to co-ordinate their responses and make faster, more informed decisions.

Inside Story: Fire and Rescue NSW

“I would recommend this solution for other emergency services throughout Australia or even around the world, because it’s given us the ability to have live situational awareness video.

To be able to actually see a picture of what’s happening in the field rather than having to imagine what that looks like gives us the advantage of knowing rather than guessing what’s happening out there”.

Station Officer Graham Tait, AFSM GIFireE, Systems Officer,
Operational Communications, Fire & Rescue NSW