Up Close: Transport

Some of the benefits m-View® solutions have provided the Transport industries have included real-time video capture with live-streaming, recording, sharing and GPS mapping for valuable intelligence gathering and fleet monitoring.

Further advantages have been gained from enhanced situational awareness and increased safety and efficiency in frontline responses via access to a bird’s-eye view of fast-changing and remote situations. This has been particularly beneficial in assisting police with search and rescue operations and fire departments when fire spotting.

Cameras attached to helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts have been able to transmit real-time footage to teams viewing on the ground, who have been able to co-ordinate rescue efforts and the deployment of teams and fire retardants. When viewed in combination with footage gathered by teams on the ground, especially when incidents are obscured from the air, the knowledge combined contributes to an unprecedented level of actionable awareness.

Inside Story: Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI)

“Traditionally, we used voice communication as our primary means of describing what was going on with a fire, but this can be open to interpretation. The m-View video-streaming technology puts a picture to the words.”

Adam Damen, Aviation Technical Systems Specialist,
Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI)