MAVEO (Mobile Audio Video for Enterprise Operations)

Featuring a range of solutions from software application, to portable, mountable, fully remote-controlled camera units, MAVEO puts you in the picture.

From automated monitoring of remote locations, to integrated logistics fleet solutions and incident responses, MAVEO’s software core gives it the flexibility and intelligence to solve any need for live vision.

When it’s too costly or impractical to run wired networking, or your camera needs to be fully mobile, then MAVEO is the solution you need.

MAVEO is a software-based video capture, analysis, encoding and streaming engine for unmanned camera applications. Once running, MAVEO automatically connects to the m-View® Server to update its configuration, and announce its presence.

m-View®’s Network Management Engine allows MAVEO to adapt the video stream on-the-fly throughout the live stream to maximise quality and keep latency to a minimum.

  • Network Management Engine
  • Patented live snapshot feature:
    • This allows lower video streaming data-rates to be used, while still allowing real-time hi-resolution images to be viewed and exported.
  • Live stream recording at m-View® Server
  • Parallel DVR recording in High Quality
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) remote control of cameras from mobile apps and web browser
  • Motion Detection and advanced video analytics