MAVEO Fleet is the next-generation in-vehicle video solution. Support for multi-camera DVR, GPS tracking and live video streaming all in a single compact solution. MAVEO can support any analogue camera, letting you customise your field of vision; be it infra-red, thermal, pan-tilt-zoom, or high resolution colour cameras.

Designed specifically for installation in vehicles, trucks, aircraft and helicopters; MAVEO Fleet features real-time video with powerful GPS tracking that allows you to instantly locate your vehicles and view scenarios through your operator’s eyes. The system offers unmanned video broadcasting, remote management and integrated recording capabilities that enable more informed decision-making.

MAVEO Fleet is ideal for in-vehicle video streaming, aerial and unmanned surveillance.

  • Support up to 4 cameras per vehicle
  • Integrated GPS provides real-time tracking of vehicle location
  • Network Management Engine maintains streaming even in fast moving vehicles and aircraft
  • Easily integrates into surrounding vehicle systems to trigger streaming, recording and snapshots