MAVEO Portable

Fully wireless and self-contained, MAVEO Portable units are designed for rapid deployment and remote, unmanned site monitoring via mobile, WiFi and satellite networks.

The MAVEO “Pan Tilt Zoom” (PTZ) Camera can be magnetically mounted to a vehicle’s roof or standard tripod and then controlled remotely, including Full Pan, Tilt and Zoom, via laptop or mobile device. They can operate for up to 8 hours via in-built rechargeable battery and also accept DC power input for incidents of longer duration.

MAVEO Portable can connect up to four cameras at once including UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle cameras that provide live-streaming in a variety of situations.

  • All-in-one system housed in a rugged case
  • 8 hours plus battery life
  • External 12/24VDC power connector
  • Built-in Mobile network and GPS capability
  • Connect up to 4 cameras
  • WiFi ready configuration available
  • Parallel high quality DVR recording alongside live-streaming
  • Up to 2TB of local storage, plus cloud storage of streaming video