m-View® Server

m-View® offers three deployment options designed to suit any need and budget requirements for video streaming.

m-View® servers are physically hosted in NSW in Australia’s first showcase, Macquarie Telecom’s IC2 Tier III certified data centre facility. Intellicentre 2 (IC2) offers colocation and secure managed hosting services to both local and international organisations, including the Australian Federal Government.

International customers can choose to have their service hosted from an Amazon datacentre in their region to ensure optimal latency and performance of live video streams.

Please contact m-View® to discuss the most cost-effective way to support video streaming within your organisation.

Shared Managed Service

m-View®’s Shared Managed Service is our entry level and SMB service. It provides a cloud subscription service that is as easy to start using as downloading an app on your smartphone.

  • Provides a private organisation account on a server that is shared with other customers.
  • Bandwidth and storage quotas are based on set monthly amounts per user (can be pooled across the organisation)
  • No customisation to services available
  • No SLA agreement
  • Phone and email support during Melbourne business hours
  • m-View® Mobile apps distributed from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore
  • Month to month, or contract term available

Private Managed Service

Private Managed Services offer an enterprise level of service for customers with a higher number of users and more complex integration requirements. Private Services offer two commercial models: User Account based (one account per end-user with a pooled data quota) Concurrent Users (pay for the number of streams you need to use at any one time)

  • The service is architected to your specific requirements for capacity, performance and cost
  • Better economies of scale for high numbers of users
  • The service can be customised with your own branding and corporate style so it appears like an internal system
  • m-View® Mobile apps can be customised for branding and functionality, and may be distributed via customer’s own channels e.g. MDM,or Apple Enterprise Program
  • Enterprise SLA Agreement
  • Premium Support options up to 24/7 with 1 hour response time
  • Support for your corporate IT policy including VPN’s, corporate mobile APNs, firewall rules, Active Directory, data backup, and more
  • Continuous software upgrades

Licenced Server

The m-View® server software may be licenced on a perpetual basis for a one-time licence fee. The licence is based on the number of broadcaster accounts configured with the server. Ideal for Customers who want to apply their own IT security policy and have full control over the video content. m-View® provides professional services for deployment and support of licenced server platforms.